Ladder and 3 Points of Contact

Maintain 3 Points of Contact

To prevent from any falls, keep this rule of 3 points of contact in mind whether it is climbing on ladders, equipment or vehicles. Climbing on ladders is a routine part of the job for many people. Yet workers often suffer from injuries when they don’t ascend or descend properly. Anyone that has experienced an injury by falling from a ladder would tell you it doesn’t require much height to get hurt.

The three points of contact rule are simple. When climbing or descending ladders, always maintain contact with two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand.

If you maintain these three points of contact while you climb, chances of slips and falls would be lesser.

Nevertheless, planning, choosing the right equipment and following the three points of contact is the best method to ensure everyone’s safety. If there is any questions regarding the best ladder type for your needs or necessity and even about our safety equipment, you may leave it to us to answer and it will clear the doubts away! Drop us any inquiries on “Contact Us” page and fill in the information required.

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