Ladder Inspection Checklist

No matter how skilled you are in ladder use, a damaged, unsafe ladder can still risk you. Even if you follow all the usual safety protocols, such as keeping three points of contact at all times, if your ladder fails, you too will be at risk.

When using the ladder, keep in mind to always inspect a ladder before and after usage. Make sure all of the hardware and fittings are securely attached.

In addition, the surface of a ladder must be smooth and free of edges points or any defects that can cause lacerations while in use. Place your toolkit safe on a safety belt pouch at all times and follow all the health and safety guidelines provided.

Use these important points when there is a need for safety meeting or safety moment about ladder inspections.
  • Always visually inspect ladder feet to ensure that foot pads and feet assembly are present and in safe condition.
  • Damaged or missing feet pads can cause you to slip or unbalance and suffer a deadly fall.
  • Inspect the rungs, rails, lock (dawgs), rope, and pulley assembly of an extension ladder.
  • It is very important to make sure that the rope and pulley are working and that the ladder locks (dawgs) do not slip!
  • Never attempt to repair a ladder! Do not use wire, screws, bolts, duct tape or electrical tape as a way to fix any ladder, instead; tag it and remove it from service.
  • Inspect the top cap, all steps, side rails, and locking braces on a step ladder before using.
  • Loose locking braces or spreaders can cause the ladder to wobble and become unstable.
  • Ladder inspections should include making sure that labels are readable and haven’t been painted over or damaged.
  • Check the rungs and steps for mud, grease, or dirt to avoid potential slip/fall hazards.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper inspection and the right way use of a specific ladder.
  • Remove any ladder from service that is found to be defective!
  • Never use a step ladder (in a folded position) as an extension ladder!

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