Ladder Technology Industrial Sdn Bhd believes in producing quality ladders with safety features is a matter of utmost importance and priority for safety concerns. We tend to educate our customers to select the right ladder for their specific purpose with safety knowledge and awareness in order to eliminate or minimize the risk of accident and injury.

We have a wide range of products that caters to both industrial and household use. Our products range from aluminium ladders and fiberglass ladders to customized ladders according to customers’ requirements. Our aluminium ladders are eco-friendly green products which made from material that can be recycled and help in reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

We are proud to become one of the market leaders in the ladders industry today and always commit ourselves to providing high-quality ladders that are made of solid and durable materials with an appealing design.

We also aim to achieve zero work-at-height fatal accident by providing reliable recommendation and advice to ladder users and equip them with appropriate ladder safety knowledge.   


To understand every customer's specific requirements in order to effectively provide sound advice and make the most suitable recommendation based on the customer's needs and budget. It also the mission of LTISB to provide Safety Ladder Product Training programs if necessary or upon request.


To educate and ensure all users of ladders are equipped with the right ladder safety knowledge and they are capable of applying them correctly in different types of working environments to achieve zero work-at- height accidents.

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